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~Cervical Position Info~

In my opinion, the best time to check cervical position (CP) is after your daily "constitutional" (there--did I say that nicely?;). Make sure that your hands and fingernails are very clean (and that your nails are fairly short and smooth), and reach inside with either your index finger and middle finger, or just one or the other.
If you don't feel anything, you either have very short fingers, or your cervix is in the "high" position. If you feel it pretty close to the main entry, then that would be considered the "low" position. Obviously, anything else would be the "medium" position.
If your cervix feels firm, like the tip of your nose, that is the "firm" position. If it feels more like your lips when you are about to kiss someone, then that is considered to be the "soft" position.
Obviously, if you feel CM on your cervix, this would be the "wet" sign, and no CM would be the "dry" sign. If it feels closed tight, then that is "closed", and if you feel a little dimple in the middle, or a dent, that is considered to be "open".
Note: It normally takes at least 3 cycles to be able to tell what your particular CP means to your state of fertility on any given day.
A Personal Side Note ABout CP & Pregnancy:
In my opinion, it is probably best not to check CP much, if at all, once you know you are post-ovulation, since there is always the risk of infection present when you do internal checks on yourself, and it would be wise to not risk an infection when there is the possibility of an early pregnancy being present.


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