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~Trying To Conceive (TTC) Acronyms~

Here Is An Extensive List Of Commonly Used Online Acronyms/Abbreviations. Many Are Trying to Conceive (TTC) Related, And Some Are Not.
AF--Auntie Flo(w)--Oftentimes, The Most Unwanted and Most Uninvited of House Guests.
AFK--Away From Keyboard
AKA--Also Known As 
BBT--Basal Body Temperature/Thermometer
BC--Birth Control
BCP--Birth Control Pill
BD--Baby Dancing--Also Our Favorite Brand Name Basal Body Thermometer, B-D
BFN--Big Fat Negative
BFP--Big Fat Positive
BRB--Be Right Back
BRB RQ--Be Right Back Real Quick
BTDT--Been There Done That
BTW--By The Way
C#--Cycle You're On Since TTC
CBE--ClearBlueEasy (Pregancy Test)
CF--Cervical Fluid
CL--Community Leader, Co-Leader and Coverline
CM--Cervical Mucus
CNM--Certified Nurse Midwife
CP–Cervical Position (The Most Fertile CP is Soft, High,
Open, Wet =SHOW)
C/S--Ceserean Section
CYA SOON--See You Soon 
D–Day Of  Cycle You Are On
D/A, aka, DA--Dear Angel (Members Often Refer To Children Lost To Miscarriage or Other Tragedies In This Way)
DPO--Days Past Ovulation
D&C--Dilation & Curettage
DB--Dear Boyfriend
DC--Dear Child(ren)
DD--Dear Daughter
DEM--Direct Entry Midwife
DF--Dear Fiance'
DH--Dear Husband/Darn Husband/Designated Hitter
DS--Dear Son
DSC--Dear Step Child(ren)
DSD--Dear Step Daughter
DSS--Dear Step Son
E2EA–Expecting To Expect Anonymous; Consider Yourself a Potential Member of E2EA If You Have Done Any Of The Following:

1. You intended to be on-line briefly, but couldn't help but read the boards.

2. If you log on 3-6 or more times a day just to catch the latest updates.

3. Logged on to the Internet to work on something else but just had to stop by the boards and peek.

4. You've graduated, but check back in often to find out if any of your ex-cycle buddies got the Big +.

5. You've brought friends over to the board from other boards just because the support here is so wonderful.

6. You log on before work just to keep up-to-date only to look at the clock and find out your going to be late for work.

7. Have had a cycle buddy from the board more than once.

EBS--Exploding Boob Syndrome (Can Be Either A Real Pregnancy Symptom or a PMS Symtpom.)

E-C/S--Emergency Ceserean Section

E2E Grads--Expecting To Expect Graduates; Refers To Those E2E Members That Have Achieved Their Goals Of Pregnancy (We Also Have A Website For E2E Grads--See Link On This Site Or At The E2E Message Board

E.G.--For Example


EWCM – Egg White Cervical Mucous (The Most Fertile Kind)

FD--Fertility Drool, aka, CM


FRCR--First Response Crappy Result

FRER--First Response Early Result (Note: This Test Has A Really Bad Reputation On E2E For Giving False Negatives, As Well As False Positives, Hence The Name Above, FRCR. ;)

FWIW--For What It's Worth

GIFT--Gamete Intra-fallopian Transfer

Grad(s)--Graduate (Also See E2E Grads For More Info) 


HCG--Human Chorionic Gondadotropin; The *Pregnancy Hormone*

HSG--Hysterosalpingogram--Refers To An X-ray Study Of The Inside Of  The Uterus To Check That The Shape Of The Inner Cavity Of The Uterus Is Normal And That The Fallopian Tubes Are Open.

HPT--Home Pregnancy Test

HPT-PD–Home Pregnancy Test Police Deptartment; Members are referred here when they test too early only if someone from the HPT-PD hasn't gotten to you first.

HTH--Hope that Helps

ICSI--Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

I.E.--In Other Words

IKWYM--I Know What You Mean

IOS--Imaginary Ovulations Signs/Symptoms/Syndrome

IPS--Imaginary Pregnancy Syndrome; This Can Include: EBS, Boobs Looking Like A Road Map (i.e., Lots Of Blue Veins), Constant Peeing, Etcetera.

IUD--Intrauterine Device (A Form Of Birth Control)


IVF--In Vitro Fertilization

LI--Link Inside

LMP--Last Menstrual Period

LMW--Lay Midwife

LNMW--Lay Nurse Midwife

LOL – Laughing Out Loud

LP – Luteal Phase: (The Time Frame From O[vulation] to AF) Needs to Be At Least 10 days Although the Average is 12-16 days.

M--More Text Inside

MAHWWETAAB--Mad At Hubby Who Won't Even Talk About A Baby.

M/C--Miscarriage (Some Members Also Use An Angel Symbol [~i~] To Represent Their Children That Have Passed Before Them, Due To Miscarriage Or Another Tragedy

Ment--Mentioned; As In "Pg Ment(ioned)"; People Put Things Like "PG Ment" or "Baby Ment" or "M/C" In The Title Of Their Posts When Relevant, So Other People That Want To Avoid Certain Sensitive Subjects Will Be Warned.

ML--Making Love



NC--Natural Childbirth

NT--No Text Inside

O – Ovulation

ODS--Our Daily Status

~O~Fairy, aka, O-Fairy--The Ovulation Fairy; She Brings You Your O ;)

~O~O~O~Vibes2U~O~O~O~ -- Ovulation Vibes To You

OP--Original Poster/Originally Posted

OPK--Ovulation Predictor Kits, aka, Overpriced Pee Kits.

OSBS--One-Step-Be-Sure (A Very Senstive HPT)

OTSBH--Over The Shoulder Baby Holder; Refers To The Brand Name Of A Certain Baby Carrier/Sling

PAS—Pre-Pregnancy Answering Syndrome

POAS--Pee(ing) on a Stick

PCOC--Poly Cystic Ovarian Condition

PCOS--Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome

PDOF--Peak Day Of Fertility


POTD--Partner Of The Day




PROM--Premature Rupture of Membranes

PPROM--Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes 

+++Thoughts2U+++ --Positive Thoughts To You

+++Vibes2U+++ --Positive Vibrations To You

+++2U SOON+++ --Positive HPT To You Soon

PMS--Premenstrual Syndrome--Does This Really Need An Explanation? ;)

RE--Reproductive Endocronoligist

RPS--Real Pregnancy Syndrome/Symptoms

ROFLOL – Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud

ROM--Rupture of Membranes

SA--Semen/Sperm Analysis


SO--Significant Other

Spot--AF & UC's dog which often runs ahead of them to let you know they are on their way.

TB--Turkey Baster--What to do with TB? Go ask on the board! he,he,he.

TCOYF--Taking Charge Of Your Fertility; The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement by Toni Weschler, MPH. If You Don't Have This Book, May I Suggest You Check It Out Of Your Local Library Or Buy A Copy For Around $23.00. You'll Refer Back To It Over & Over Again.



TIIC--The Idiots In Charge

TPTB--The Powers That Be 

TTCA–Trying To Conceive Anonymous; Consider Yourself A Potential Member Of TTCA If You Have Done At Least Two Of The Following:

1. Wander aimlessly around Walmart/Walgreens/K-Mart or any other drug store looking for the digital thermometer with the perfect 'beep'.

2. Buy replacement batteries for your thermometer at least once a month (a good rule of thumb for other addicts . . . change batteries on the day of AF that way the batteries will be nice and fresh!)

3. Only purchase a basal thermometer with the big BD (brand name) on it because it reminds you exactly why you are taking your temperature.

4. Refuse to cover the little hole with tape (on the underside of the thermometer) because you find the 'beeping' noise . . . soothing!

5. Take your temperature at the same time every morning, but also take it at least four more times throughout the day, just so that you know your thermometer is 'working'.

6. Have a charting buddy so you can get encouragement when you 'O' or when you get your 'thermal shift'.

7. If you get a temperature lower than your coverline, do you lie to your charting buddy because you are in denial?

8. Enlist the help of your DH to check the thermometer readout while it is still beeping in your mouth.

9. Take your digital thermometer on vacation with you so you don't miss 'O' day or the 'thermal shift'.

10. If DH says you are getting obsessed with the whole temperature-taking thing, do you cover the hole on the back of the thermometer and pray he does not wake up to the beeping sound?

TT--Top Ten (As in the top ten posts on a message board--some members consider these spots to be "Lucky")

TTC--Trying to Conceive

TTC# -Which Number Child You Are TTC

TTFN--Ta Ta For Now

TTYS--Talk To You Soon

2WW--Two Week Wait

UC--Unassisted Childbirth

UC--Uncle Cramps--AF's Companion In Our Bodies, Which Only Constitutes More Pain And More PMS


WB--Welcome Back

 WTT--Waiting to Test--Also Refers To Waiting

To Try (As In TTC) In Certain Circles  

YWIM--You Know What I Mean

ZIFT--Zygote Intra-fallopian Transfer

:)  <~~That's A Smile
;) <~~That's A Wink
:x) <~~That Means "Mums The Word!" or "I'll Hush Now!"
:D <~~Is A Big Smile
;D <~~That Is A Big Smile With A Wink
;)~ <~~That Is A Face With Winking Eye and Tongue Sticking Out
:P~ <~~That Is Someone Blowing a Raspberry
>:0( <~~That Is A Mad Face
:***0( and :***( <~~Those Are Sad Crying Faces
:***) <~~That Is A Happy, Crying Face
0 :) <~~That Is A Little Angel Face (See The Halo?;)

If You See A Typo Or Have An Acronym Or Abbreviation You'd Like To See Added To This Site, Please Click The Link Below And Post A Message To The E2E Board. :)


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