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Are Home Pregnancy Tests Really Accurate?

There are several websites available with the levels that certain home pregnancy (pg) tests (HPT's) manufacturers *claim* their tests can detect HCG at in a pg woman's urine. 
There are several links at the top of this page to some of those websites, plus if you look at the HPT info at the websites, you may get an idea of how early you can test after ovulation, as well as other useful information.
Note: It is possible to get a false negative any time before 18dpo, so if you can hold out that long before you test, that'd be optimum timing. If you can't hold out, and you get a negative before that, just keep in mind it could be wrong, and remember not to do anything that you wouldn't do if you knew you were pg, just because you saw a negative HPT.
If you want test recommendations, my personal advice is to avoid the First Response Early Result HPT and the Confirm HPT. We have had lots of false results (both negative and positive) with those brands on ParentSoup's Expecting to Expect (E2E) message board.
If you want a sensitive, accurate test, look for anything made by Inverness Medical. They make the name brand "Self Care Early Pregnancy Test", as well as many of the less expensive store brands sold at places like Albertsons, Sav-on drugs, Rite Aid, CVS, Kmart, Walmart, Target & Babies R Us/Toys R Us. EPT, Fact PLus, Fact PLus Select and Clear Blue Easy are some other good choices.
Having said all that, it should be known that we have had members at E2E get blood pg tests (beta quants) done that measured the exact amount of HCG in their systems and the results were often quite different from the averages you find on the chart below, as well as other similar online hpt chart sites. Just be aware that these are simply average guidelines given by the manufacturers, so take them with a grain of salt.
(Personal Side Note: For what it's worth, I have always found the 2-step cassette style HPT made by Inverness Medical to be a *very* sensitive HPT. I once got a true + on one at 8dpo.)
Also, some "Dollar Stores" sell 2-step HPT's (without the disposable cups you will need, though). I think these tests are great! They have to be 99% accurate under laboratory conditions or they would not be approved for sale in the USA/Canda.
The HPT's I found at my local "Everything's A Dollar" store are called "New Choice" and are actually a lot like the old "One-Step-Be-Sure" (OSBS) tests I used to use, and OSBS's are highly accurate. I even saw the same exact kind of pg test in an OB's office last year. I think the 2-step kind are even easier to read than the 1-step kind, because there is no plastic shield over the test area to obstruct your view. The "New Choice" tests do not appear to have an evaporation line, either. So why not save some $$$, if you can find these tests near you? :)
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